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Why American Security & Privacy

Security Solutions

ASP provides an array of security solutions, from leadership and policy development to auditing, testing, and training to help make sure your data stays safe.

Privacy Solutions

ASP knows the ever-changing landscape of privacy can be challenging to adapt to and provides privacy solutions to help address those challenges.

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About Us

Are you at the crossroads of compliance, struggling to manage and balance it with security and privacy? At American Security and Privacy, we want to be your strategic security and privacy partner. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

Security Solutions

ASP knows that cybersecurity is an around-the-clock job that demands the best in management solutions and is ready to provide security solutions that fit your needs.

Security Leadership

ASP provides for security from the top down, ready to help with:

  • Security Leadership and Board Representation
  • Develop Security Programs & Strategies
  • Security Staff Augmentation
  • Security Advising

Security Management & Policy

ASP knows policy is the bedrock of management, and provides services to:

  • Manage Security Programs and Policy
  • Manage Security for Third Parties and Partners

Security Audit & Testing

ASP appreciates the value of a strong audit and compliance program. Our team can assist with executing, leading, or developing these areas:

  • Security Audits & Testing
    • PEN Tests
    • Firewall Tests
    • Network Testing
    • Vulnerability Scans
    • User Reviews
  • Social Engineering & Phishing Tests
  • Incident Response, Forensics, & Recovery

Security Awareness & Training

ASP understands that good security comes from a well-trained workforce, providing resources for Awareness and Training regarding:

  • General Security Training
  • Role-Based Training
  • Executive Training
  • Webinars & Seminars
  • Security Awareness Campaigns & Resources

Privacy Solutions

As privacy regulations constantly evolve and change, ASP helps you to stay ahead of the curve with top-notch privacy solutions.

Privacy Leadership

ASP provides for privacy from the top down, ready to help with:

  • Leadership Acquisition for Chief Privacy Officers, both virtual and in-person
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Draft and implement privacy and Data Protection Strategies
  • Leadership and representation for Privacy GRC Management and Auditing

Privacy Management & Policy

ASP knows policies are the foundation of privacy management and provides services to:

  • Guide and develop Privacy Program Management policies and frameworks
  • Draft and implement Privacy Governance, Risk, and Compliance policy
  • Identify and mitigate risks related to the Privacy Rights of customers and clients
  • Perform Data Privacy Inventory and Data Mapping services

Privacy Audit & Testing

ASP knows compliance obligations and employee and customer satisfaction requires strong privacy controls, and testing, through services to:

  • Test and validate the effectiveness of privacy controls
  • Conduct privacy gap assessments
  • Perform privacy audits for compliance with national or international laws, regulations, and industry standards

Privacy Awareness & Training

ASP understands that good privacy comes from a well-trained workforce, providing resources for Awareness and Training on:

  • US & International Data Privacy Laws, Regulations and Industry Standards
  • Employee, Management, and Board Training
  • Customer and Third Party Training
  • Targeted Regulatory Training
  • Micro Training
  • Privacy Awareness Campaigns

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